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CND Shellac Manicure | £25

Complimentary extremely strong base coat applied in order to offer the ultimate in chip prevention and adhesion.


Removal & CND Shellac Manicure | £30

IBX Manicure | £20

IBX is a natural nail strengthening system made to toughen, repair and protect your natural nail. IBX works inside the nail not on top as it penetrates the upper layers of the nail and cross-links inside the nail to itself. This can be a stand alone treatment or an additional to your CND Shellac manicure.


IBX Repair & Strengthen | £5

Repairs (after 48hrs/per nail) | £3

Removal | £15

Removal & Manicure | £20


To enable me to carry out a complete consultation please note that I only remove work that has been carried out by myself.

All new clients must attend their appointment with bare nails.

Nail Care

Where luxury meets quality.

My focus is on nail health, hygiene and elegant nails. Using single-use files, buffers and sterilised tools for each client. I aim to provide a relaxing environment and one to one experience.

All manicures include in-depth nail and cuticle care, nail shaping, nourishing hand lotion and cuticle oil.

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